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How to listen to Spotify music in your car from a USB flash drive?

Whether you take long trips regularly, or you simply drive back and forth to work, you likely listen to music while you are driving. There are several ways to enjoy music during driving. If you are a Spotify users, you can listen to the songs in the car.
Android Auto and Apple CarPlay technologies allow your car display to take over the phone and safely control the music.
Older car stereos often have a plug in through the aux-input or mini-jack socket option, but with most newer devices you can connect through Bluetooth and many people like this as it’s cable-free.
No matter which way you choose, as long as you used your phone, there are some disadvantages.
1.It will cost your data plan to play the songs online. Only premium users can download the songs for offline listening. Free users must connect to the internet to stream songs.
2.The music may be interrupted by calls, voice navigation, etc.

If you want to avoid above issues, an easy way is to store the Spotify songs to an USB drive and plug it to the usb port of your car audio decks.
However, there is also a problem. How to save and transfer Spotify songs to USB drive with either Spotify free or premium account? As we all know, Spotify songs are DRM protected, even though you have downloaded them to your computer with premium account, you can’t move them anywhere.
Here we will introduce you a Spotify music tool that allows you to download and save Spotify music to mp3 with either Spotify free or premium account. After that, you can transfer them to your USB drive and play them in any car.

How to transfer Spotify music to USB flash drive to play in the car?

Spotify music are DRM protected and you can't transfer them to USB flash drive directly even though you are a premium users. You need to remove Spotify DRM and convert Spotify songs to mp3 format first.  Here we recommend a tool for you - Boilsoft Spotify Music Converter. It allows you to download and convert Spotify songs/albums/playlists to MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC with all original tags and 100% lossless quality. Follow below steps to convert Spotify music and transfer them to usb.

Step 1 Download and install Boilsoft Spotify Music Converter on your Mac or Windows.
download iTunes DRM Media Converter for Mac download iTunes DRM Media Converter for Windows

spotify playlists converter

Step 2 Select Spotify songs, albums and playlists you want to download from the built-in Spotify web player directly.

add spotify playlists

All songs in the playlist will be checked by default, you can uncheck the ones you don't want to convert.

copy spotify playlist link

Step 3 Boilsoft Spotify Music Converter supports MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC format. Click the Options button to change output format or output folder if you need. You can also change bitrate, samplerate according to your needs.

convert spotify playlists to mp3

Step 4 Click the Convert button to start converting Spotify music to the format you choose.

download spotify playlist

After conversion, you can find all converted songs by clicking the History button.

Step 5 Transfer the DRM-free songs to your USB flash drive.

Plug the USB drive to your computer and then copy the converted Spotify songs to it. You can now plug the usb to any car and play the Spotify songs anywhere and anytimes without Spotify premium or your phone.

All of the preceding information presupposes that your head unit already has a USB port and is capable of playing digital music files via that port. If your car doesn’t have that capability already, you will need to add a USB port to your car stereo system in some way. The easiest option is to use an FM transmitter that includes both a USB port and the appropriate hardware to read and play music files. These features aren’t found in every FM transmitter, so it’s important to check the fine print before buying.

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