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How to join files with Video Joiner for Mac?

Video joiner Mac, join video files on Mac OS

  • How to join video files?

mac video joiner

Step 1. Add video files that you want to merge.  ( Preview them if you want with the button )

Press "Add File" to add your favorite files and press "Merge" to merge them.

Press "Remove File" to remove the unwanted file or Press "Remove All" to clear the list.

mac video joiner

Step 2 Select Output Format and customize the profile settings

After pressing Merge Button, the following panel will be displayed.

Select the output format , customize the profile settings or click advance to further customize them, and then press OK to merge the files.

Step 3 Get your merged or joined file

After pressing OK , joiner will show you a panel like this:

When the joining is completed, the panel will be like this:

mac video joiner

Now you can open the folder to find the joined file or directly play it, delete the source file, or close the panel.

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