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DVD Creator-- add .idx+.sub subtitle file

How to add .idx+.sub subtitle file

Our DVD Creator is powerful enough to support popular subtitle formats such as .srt, .idx, .sub, .ssa, and etc. Let's view how to add .idx+.sub subtitle file.

Step 1. Add file

All popular format video files can be added with button to Boilsoft DVD Creator.

This area shows how much space left.

Step 2 add subtitle

After adding the videos, you can also edit the video by clicking "Edit" - "Subtitle" or clicking mouse right on the added video as shown.The below panel will be displayed.

Press Add to add .idx + . sub subtitles to the video and the one can also be removed by pressing Remove.

You have option to activate or cancel it by clicking the checkbox.

The language of subtitles can be choosed as you like.

You can input several .idx.+ .sub subtitles, the output DVD can be a multi-subtitle one.