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Boilsoft DVD Clone Lab, DVD Copy - Step by Step Tutorial

Step by step tutorial of Boilsoft DVD Clone Lab/DVD Cloner/DVD Copy/Backup DVD program

DVD Clone Lab Tutorial:

Step 1: Select Copy Preset for DVD Clone
Select copy mode before copying your DVD from Main movie only, All movies, Full Disc and Custom.

Additional settings can be made to customize your DVD copy task.
Select which language audio that you'd like to copy with Language Preferred Button. Define your DVD name and burning speed with Other Options Button. Check Prefer DTS Audio box if you prefer a better audio output quality.

  • You can also choose the chapters that you want to copy from the file list.
  • Preview the DVD file with the preview player on the right side.

Step 2: Select Source folder and Target output folder
Add DVD source and file folder with Select Folder... order.
Set the output folder for your DVD copy task.

Step 3: Start DVD cloning
Press the Start Button to start your DVD copying task.